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Ozay Moore with the Kris Johnson Group

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Ozay Moore with the Kris Johnson Group

Saturday June 10, 2023—8:00pm

Saturday June 10, 2023—8:00pm
Sosnick Courtyard
2 hours

Over the last 20 years, Ozay Moore (fka Othello) has proven himself to be an exceptional storyteller time and time again. Whether as a member of the classic hip hop trio, Lightheaded, or as a solo artist, Moore's alto flow has always moved crowds. Aided by some of the most soulful productions and a deep knowledge of hip hop culture, Moore's music is highly relatable because he blends personal experience with larger themes that cross cultural lines.

Ozay Moore and The Kris Johnson Group (under the aliases “Othello and The Pocket Change Band”), recorded Translation Please back in 2007. This record is a timeless piece of work, fusing together the perfect blend of hip hop and jazz. Their collaboration will undoubtedly speak to lovers of music in a dialect not only understood, but felt.



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51 Parsons Street, Detroit, MI
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