The Detroit Symphony Orchestra impacts lives through the power of unforgettable musical experiences by sustaining a world class orchestra for our city and the global community.


The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is an inclusive and culturally relevant community where all people can experience their world through music.


Excellence: We value a consistently high level of performance, both artistically and organizationally. 

Collaboration: We partner to achieve collective positive impact within our organization and throughout our community. 

Diversity: We identify, understand, and invite a multitude of voices, views, and values into our organizational process and artistic outputs. 

Innovation: We proactively look for novel ways to advance opportunities. 

Resilience: We flourish in new and uncertain environments. 

DEI Guiding Principles

Adopted by the DSO Board in October, 2022, these principles were created in order to articulate our established DEI vision and include DSO-specific definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The principles outline specific commitments the DSO is making to continue and expand the work that is so critical to delivering our mission. To achieve our vision, we have made the following key commitments:

DIVERSITY KEY COMMITMENTS (defined for this purpose as the understanding that every individual is unique, and brings a multitude of voices, views, and values):

• Diversity will be reflected throughout the organization, including in our board, staff, musicians, volunteers, and student body. Because of the current landscape of our industry, our immediate work will focus on race, gender identity, and age.

• Present artistic programming that highlights works by composers, conductors, and artists of color; women; non-binary individuals; and living composers.

• Significantly broaden the diversity of our audiences, engaging individuals that hold a range of racial, ethnic, and gender identities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

EQUITY KEY COMMITMENTS (defined for this purpose as providing tools and creating access to allow for full participation):

• Provide equitable opportunities, access, and support that attracts, develops, and retains talent.

• Minimize barriers to participation and engagement.

INCLUSION KEY COMMITMENTS (defined for this purpose as a sense of welcoming and belonging where one feels acknowledged, valued, and respected for who they are, enabling authentic connections):

• Enable open and honest communication throughout every facet of the organization.

• Create an environment where individuals feel safe, respected, and free to express their individuality.

• Incorporate diverse audience perspectives in DSO messaging and programming.

We know the work is ongoing. To achieve our vision we commit to making the DSO more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We acknowledge the following realities:

• We have not yet fully realized our vision.

• We will challenge the barriers that exist in the orchestral field that exclude musicians, staff, and patrons based on race, gender identity, age, and socio-economic background.

• The arts have long-been drivers of social progress, and we will be a catalyst for change. We will lead and champion our DEI efforts throughout the DSO. This is essential to be true to our mission, vision, and organizational values.

• Our success as an organization is dependent upon listening, learning, and responding to the needs of our internal stakeholders and the community at large.