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Claiming Space

Voices from the 2023 Classical Roots program

I've been making work that combats my fears for myself and my family [regarding] police violence for basically all of my young career. ”

Davóne Tines, bass-baritone

In this video conversation, hear 2023 Classical Roots artists discuss the creation of their art, the experiences that drive and inspire them, and what it looks like to claim spaces for Black voices in 2023.

Featuring 2023 Classical Roots Honoree, composer Anthony Davis, bass-baritone Davóne Tines, and Detroit poet jessica Care moore. Conversation hosted by DSO Managing Director of Detroit Harmony, Damien Crutcher.

02:13 Thoughts on Detroit
05:54 “Concerto No. 1: SERMON” devised by Davóne Tines
21:35 You Have the Right to Remain Silent, Anthony Davis
28:39 What has been the most profound reaction to your work?

Claiming Space: 2023 Classical Roots Panel Conversation

Classical Roots 2023

March 3 & 4

Header image: clarinetist Anthony McGill. Credit: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra