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How Suite It Is

DSO cellists play Bach's Cello Suite No. 3 in turn from their homes

Over several weeks, six DSO cellists have been recording Bach's complete Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major. In the spirit of social distancing, each musician has taken on one movement and recorded the music from home.

"This is a thank you to all the patrons and supporters of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. We want to make sure that in this crazy moment in history, your lives and your homes continue to be filled with beautiful music."

– Peter McCaffrey, DSO Cellist

"Prelude" performed by Peter McCaffrey (Joanne Danto and Arnold Weingarden Chair)
"Allemande" performed by Jeremy Crosmer
"Courante" performed by Principal Cello Wei Yu (James C. Gordon Chair)
"Sarabande" performed by Úna O'Riordan (Mary Ann and Robert Gorlin Chair)
"Bourrée I & II" performed by David LeDoux
"Gigue" performed by Assistant Principal Cello Abraham Feder


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