To access replay, visit dso.org/replay and sign in using your account credentials. With replay, the DSO’s on-demand digital library of concert recordings, you gain access to a vault of the best performances the DSO has to offer that you can watch at any time.

NextGen is a membership program for individuals interested in sampling the wealth of DSO concerts, but without a subscription.  By joining NextGen, you’ll have free digital access to DSO Digital concerts, access to $10 tickets to over 100+ concerts, free tickets to exclusive NextGen events, and access to DSO Replay.  The NextGen membership is one of the best ways for you to experience the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, without the scheduling of a subscription package!

With NextGen, you’re able to purchase up to two $10 tickets to almost every DSO concert this season, access DSO Replay, join the NextGen Committee, get discounts on tickets to Mysterium, and more.

If you opt into NextGen Plus, you get all the benefits of NextGen membership, but with free tickets to all four exclusive NextGen events, with a complimentary beverage at each event.

Ticketing with a NextGen membership is simple:

  1. Purchase a membership of your choosing by calling the box office or purchasing online.
  2. Once your membership is confirmed, you may purchase up to two tickets to eligible performances* for $10 each. This can be done by calling the box office or by purchasing online.

*Seating for NextGen tickets is limited to the sides and rear of the Main Floor and on occasion the Mid and Upper Balconies.

**Performance and seating eligibility is subject to change at the discretion of the DSO.