William Davidson Atrium

  • Wheelchair Accessible

(Level 1⁠—450 guests, 150 seated 
Level 2⁠—200 guests, 80 seated 
Level 3⁠—125 guests, 75)

The soaring four-story Atrium Lobby features glass and mahogany finishes and the floor is stunning Silverwater limestone from Manitoulin Island in northern Ontario.

The Atrium offers three floors of reception and strolling space and can seat 350 banquet style. The Woodward Windows, on the second and third levels, have floor to ceiling views of Woodward Avenue. Defined by a shimmering brass curtain which separates the Woodward Windows from the rest of the Atrium, this is an ideal location for receptions.

Accessible via two elevators and the Grand Staircase, the Atrium upper levels provide room for your guests to mingle and enjoy Art @ The Max, a rotating art exhibition funded by the Applebaum Family Foundation.

“The interior is meant to contrast lush with harsh. We looked at a lot of the historic venues in Detroit like the Fisher and Fox theaters,” says architecture firm Diamond Schmitt. “They were built in an era when a lot of bronze and steel were used, and we simply adopted that idea and modernized it for the new spaces.”