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Brik.Liam is a R&B/Soul singer/songwriter and visual artist. The young creative credits his sound and influences to be the likes of Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo and Brandy. Born into a military family in Petersburg, VA, as Jacoby J. Williams, Brik’s eclectic style is partially the result of the places he has called home, such as Schweinfurt, Germany; Atlanta, Georgia; and Killeen and Houston, Texas.

While attending Clark Atlanta University, Brik.Liam’s creativity intensified as his matriculation was filled with both struggle and inspiration. This increased creativity placed him in high demand to perform in various events and venues. Intentionally focusing on creative growth, Brik.Liam started the #cre8daily movement, where the goal is to inspire others to continue to create until their creativity creates new spaces and opportunities for them to occupy.

In March 2012, Brik.Liam released his freshman project CobyMeetsWord: Acoustic Heart. The mixtape was recorded with fellow indie artist, producer, and writer Douglas Whatley. With no specific goal in mind other than to #crea8, the project reached over 3,000 downloads within the first two weeks of its release. After returning to Houston, in the winter of 2013 Brik was inspired to change his stage name from Jacoby to Brik.Liam. Brik (brick) simply being a creative synonym for his favorite color, red; and Liam being a nickname for his last name, Williams.

Brik.Liam’s sophomore project debuted in March of 2014 #MLN, Mr. Liam’s Neighborhood. Collaborating with his friend, a fellow artist and songwriter Kori James, they paired up to show Brik’s growth and more importantly help others be inspired to grow. With Mr. Liam’s Neighborhood, Brik.Liam also showed his visual artistry, adding individual artwork to each song on the project, helping to make it an authentic music and visual experience.

Brik.Liam is currently working on the release of third indie release. He plans to continue to cre8, find inspiration, and be the inspiration.

Brik.Liam is a creative director and partner at—a creative consulting firm specializing in graphic and web design.