The DSO Resilience Fund, an effort championed by the DSO Board of Directors, has been established to ensure that our world-class orchestra keeps the music playing for our community during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. We are fortunate to report that this one-time campaign has the unanimous support of our DSO Directors and they are all, to the person, financially committed. We invite you to join us!

By pledging your support to the DSO Resilience Fund and the future of your DSO – in addition to your already generous annual contributions – you are helping us to:

  • Navigate this challenge from a position of strength and continue providing restorative music for our community.
  • Utilize the talents of our incredible musicians in this unprecedented time away from the stage.
  • Empower our youth to use music as a creative outlet during times of need and times of joy.
  • Narrow our immediate revenue gap in response to cancelled concerts and annual benefit events as we strive to balance the current fiscal year budget.
  • Provide longer-term fiscal stability and enable our emergence as a vibrant and impactful organization when it is possible to return to the stage.

Thank you for opening your heart to additional investment in the DSO during this unprecedented time.

Resilience Fund Donor Honor Roll:

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Adler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Alonzo
Mr. Robert Alpiner
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ankers
Applebaum Family Foundation
Eugene+ & Marcia Applebaum
Pamela Applebaum
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Armstrong
Mr. David Assemany and Mr. Jeffery Zook*
Mr. Joseph Aviv & Mrs. Linda Wasserman
Dr. & Dr. Brian Bachynski
Mrs. Pamala Bardon
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Barthel
W. Harold & Chacona W. Baugh
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bernard
Dr. George & Joyce Blum
Penny & Harold Blumenstein
Gwen & Richard Bowlby
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Bruzzano
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Ms. Christine Cortez
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Cowger
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Cullen
Julie & Peter Cummings
Mrs. Stephen Cybulski
Joanne Danto & Arnold Weingarden
Deborah & Stephen D'Arcy Fund
Margie Dunn & Mark Davidoff
Anita DeMarco Goor
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. DeVore
Eugene & Elaine C. Driker
Dr. & Mrs. A. Bradley Eisenbrey
Mr. Peter Falzon
Michael & Sally Feder
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Finnerty
Ms. Joanne Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Wm. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fogleman
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Frankel
Barbara Frankel & Ronald Michalak
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Frankel
Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Gerson
Ms. Nancy Goins
Paul & Barbara C. Goodman
Holly* & Damien Gorecki
Mary Ann & Robert Gorlin
Mrs. Susan Graves
Dr. Herman & Mrs. Shirley Gray
Ms. Nancy Gruits
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hollinshead
The Honorable Denise Page Hood & Reverend Nicholas Hood III
Richard H. & Carola Huttenlocher
Renato & Elizabeth Jamett
Mr. George Jerome Jr.
William and Story John
Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson
Mr. Jacob Joyce
Lucy & Alexander Kapordelis
Mr. & Mrs. Norman+ D. Katz
Morgan & Danny Kaufman
Mike & Katy Keegan
Carole Keller
Betsy & Joel Kellman
Mrs. Bonnie Larson
Max Lepler & Rex L. Dotson
Linda Dresner & Ed Levy, Jr.
Bud & Nancy Liebler
Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation
Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation
David & Valerie McCammon
Mr. & Mrs. Tom McKarns
K. Mechem
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Meer
Ms. Raluca I. Metea
Ms. Deborah Miesel
Ms. Barbara Milberger
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Miller
Milner Hotels Foundation
Shari & Craig Morgan
Xavier & Maeva Mosquet
Ms. Suzanne Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Nelson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Nicholson
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. O'Reilly
PNC Bank
The Polk Family
Dr. Glenda D. Price
Mr. and Mrs. David Provost
Susan Queen
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Rapp
Ms. Ruth Rattner
Bernard & Eleanor Robertson
Gail Danto & Art Roffey
Mr. Robert Rohm
Mr. Ronald Ross & Ms. Alice Brody
Samuel & Jean Frankel Foundation
Save Our Symphony
Nancy Schlichting & Pamela Theisen
Camilo Serna & Masami Hida
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shafer
Ms. Constance Silver
Mr. Ralph D. Skiano, Jr.
William H. Smith
Richard Sonenklar & Gregory Haynes
Shirley R. Stancato
Ms. Mari Suzuki
Mr. & Mrs. Arn Tellem
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tobias
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Torgow
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trudeau
Ms. Madeline Tsai
Mark and Janice Uhlig
Mrs. Richard C. Van Dusen
Mr. Robert VanSelus
Mr. James G. Vella
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Waskowski
Mr. Joe Wentrack
Mr. Donnell White
Hon. Kurtis T. Wilder (Ret.)
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Dr. M. Roy and Mrs. Jacqueline Wilson
Ms. Mary Wilson
Drs. David & Bernadine Wu
And four who wishes to remain anonymous

+ Deceased
* DSO Staff

Resilience Fund Supporters as of August 31, 2020