<November 2018>


Dear Fellow Governing Members,

In April of 2011, when Arthur O’Reilly introduced the concept of the Governing Members to me, he used a phrase that very much piqued my interest:  Deepen One’s Engagement.  The more we spoke, the more this concept spoke to me, and at that moment I decided I must get involved.  A tremendous amount has been accomplished since that time, but we really have only just begun.  As I take on the role of Chair of the Executive Committee of the Governing Members, my commitment to you is a laser focus on furthering the ability of Governing Members to deepen their engagement with the DSO.

To that end, we must offer a clear and exciting path to deepen engagement with the organization.  How, though, does engagement occur?  In an effort to appeal to Millennials, I will go the ETLA route (Extended Three Letter Acronym) and point out that our highly energetic and focused effort must be EPIC.  Enthusiasm.  Passion.  Involvement.  Commitment.

All of the Governing Members I have met are incredibly enthusiast and passionate.  That positive energy is critical to attracting others with the same zest and zeal.  We will continue to create an environment that further fosters enthusiasm and passion.

Getting involved is a great way to quickly deepen one’s engagement and there are several Governing Member Committees outlined in this issue of High Notes which are always seeking additional members.  One key theme we stress with our Committee Chairs is that it must be FUN, as I firmly believe the best work is done when people are having fun.

Finally, to achieve and deepen engagement, there must be commitment, and we are fortunate that our Governing Members are so fully committed.  I am constantly amazed by and appreciative of the commitment Governing Members make with their extremely generous, ongoing contributions to the Annual Fund.  It’s no secret, though, that we must grow the Governing Members in both the number of members and the number of dollars and that will only happen when people have the opportunity to and want to continually deepen their engagement.

With that said, and as I stated at the beginning of this note, it’s my job to create an exciting path for the Governing Members, and with your help, we will get there.  I look forward to taking this journey with you and thank you for the confidence you have placed in me to make it happen.


Jim Farber
Chair, DSO Governing Members Executive Committee