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Terence Blanchard with Tarriona “Tank” Ball & The Turtle Island Quartet

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Terence Blanchard with Tarriona “Tank” Ball & The Turtle Island Quartet

Friday, October 14, 2022—8:00pm

Friday, October 14, 2022—8:00pm
Orchestra Hall
2 hours

Oscar nominee, six-time Grammy Award-winner, and the DSO's Fred A. Erb Jazz Creative Director Chair Terence Blanchard has been a consistent artistic force for expressing powerful musical statements about the American experience.

He has composed a rich, expansive repertory of scores for Spike Lee films, from the epic Malcolm X and When the Levees Broke—a documentary about the devastation from Hurricane Katrina to Blanchard's hometown of New Orleans—to Lee’s most recent film, Da 5 Bloods. Blanchard interweaves melodies that create strong backdrops to human stories.


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    Terence Blanchard


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    Turtle Island Quartet

    string quartet

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    Tarriona “Tank” Ball


Terence Blanchard

composer and trumpeter

Turtle Island Quartet

string quartet

Tarriona “Tank” Ball

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Friday, October 14
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Terence Blanchard "Absence"

A career of awe-inspiring work—composer Terence Blanchard is one of the most celebrated music artists in movie history. ”

-Fox 32 Chicago

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