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Kisma Jordan: OperaSOUL Experience Mixtape

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Kisma Jordan: OperaSOUL Experience Mixtape

Saturday, August 27, 2022—7:00pm

Saturday, August 27, 2022—7:00pm
Sosnick Courtyard
2 hours

The OperaSOUL Experience expands the scope of classical voice and its audience as a concert experience that seamlessly blends operatic vocals with soul-pop music. The organic practice of singing opera with other music styles creates a platform that celebrates gifted, professionally trained singers who demonstrate a great deal of vocal versatility.

This movement's creativity rests on the singers' abilities and an orchestral design that combines violins with turntables.

The music mixes original songs and reinterpreted covers, creating an evolving music experience that signifies a new way opera can be heard and explored.

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