wu familyMore than 50 years ago, a promising young pianist gave a recital in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, a young doctor sat in the audience and was mesmerized by her talent. Following the recital, Dr. Clyde Wu introduced himself to the pianist, Helen. Their connection sparked into a great love that led to marriage and a lifetime of partnership in service to the community and a dedication to music education.

CYE50 infoClyde was a celebrated physician by trade and a passionate classical music fan inspired by Helen’s career. When he joined the DSO Board of Directors, his interest in the transformative qualities of music made him the perfect choice for leading the board’s Education Committee. Together with Helen, Clyde steered the Committee in the development of a music education program that has touched countless young lives.

Clyde and Helen Wu's vision has principally guided the DSO’s achievements in music training. The DSO is proud to carry on their legacy through the Wu Family Academy for Learning and Engagement, which offers a broad range of educational programs for all ages and backgrounds.

The DSO welcomes hundreds of student musicians each week as they hone their musical acumen, nurture the seeds of teamwork, and develop focus that will serve them throughout their lifetime.

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