<May 2019>

James Tatum Foundation

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Orchestra Hall (map)
Sunday, March 24, 2019 – 5:30 PM

Concert Description

32nd Annual Classical / Jazz Benefit Concert
The Educational Music bring the Roots of redemption heritage to the Global Diversity Society.

Part 1 of the Program:

Introduction by Ms. Gwendolyn Lewis,
Mistress of Ceremony

Guest #1: Jherrard Hardeman, Conductor,
Composer of the “All City Orchestra”

Guest #2: Joshua McClendon-Violoncellist
from Juilliard School of
Music, New York


Part 2 of the Program:

Contemporary Jazz Mass Music Concert

The Contemporary Jazz Music composed by world renown James Tatum, Jazz Pianist, Educator and
Lecturer. In composing the Jazz Mass music, he attempted to convey the amicable harmonious feelings exhibited by the people, poetry of family living and brotherly love set to music. Guest Artists for Part 2 on the program: Jazz Musicians, 2 Soloist Voices, Mass Choir, Dance Ensemble and Narrator.