<August 2017>


2016-2017 has been a watershed year for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Volunteer Council. We "reimagined" volunteering at the DSO, culminating in the formation of a new dynamic Ambassador Corps. Over the past year your Volunteer Council leadership has undertaken a reimagining of volunteerism at the DSO, with a goal of creating a new volunteer structure that better serves the needs of both volunteers and the DSO. Together with VC members, community volunteers, and DSO musicians and staff, we formed an Advisory Council to guide the path forward. After holding numerous meetings and receiving input from past presidents, event chairs, our VC Executive Committee, VC Board of Directors, and DSO volunteers, we determined that the future is to focus on service-based volunteerism. Today's volunteers want to self-select and volunteer on their own time schedule, in relatively short bursts of time and new structures will provide flexibility and opportunity.

Volunteer Council members will have the opportunity to become more involved as part of the Ambassador Corps in the coming months. We eagerly await the formation of this new group, knowing it will take time to implement and require changes and tweaks along the way. Please visit dso.org/ambassadors in August 2017 for more information.

Stay up to date and download the current issue of Council Notes, our quarterly Volunteer Council newsletter: Summer 2017.

Furthermore, be sure to check out our 2016-17 Annual Report.


Each year the Volunteer Council presents the Volunteer of the Year award, based on outstanding service. At the Annual Meeting this year, Bev Williams received this award.

The Alice Berberian Haidostian award recognizes dedicated and consistent volunteer service over a long period of time. At the Annual meeting this year, Marlene Bihlmeyer and Ginny Lundquist received this award.

2015-2017 Volunteer Council

Executive Committee

Ginny Lundquist, President
Jill Jordan, Chief Financial Officer
Diane Ekizian, Recording Secretary
Esther Lyons, V.P. for Administrative/Office Services
Eloise (Ellie) Tholen, V. P. for Communications/Public Relations
Beverly Williams, V. P. for Membership
E. Jane Talia, V. P. for Neighborhood/Residency Ambassador
Carol Marti, V. P. for Special Events
Marlene Bihlmeyer, V. P. for Youth Music Education

Mark Abbott & Caroline Coade, Orchestra Liaisons

Board of Directors

Mary Beattie
Gwen Bowlby
Drew Esslinger
Kim Minasian Hawes
Sandie Knollenberg
Magda Moss
Jackie Piceu
Dolores Reese
Ann Marie Rowley
Susan Svoboda
Charlotte Worthen

Eleanor (Coco) Siewert, Parliamentarian