Administrative Staff

To reach a member of our administrative staff consult the email and phone directory below.  Please note that all numbers begin with area code '313.'

For assistance in the following areas, please call: 

Ticketing and customer service  |  313.576.5111

Donations and contributions  |  313.576.5114

Main Switchboard  |  313.576.5100

Security or Lost & Found  |  313.576.5199


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Executive Office

Anne Parsons, President and CEO
email  |  576.5106

Paul W. Hogle, Executive Vice President
email  |  576.5484

Linda Lutz, Chief Financial Officer
email  |  576.5190

Anne Wilczak, Managing Director of Special Events and Projects
email  |  576.5147

Joy Crawford, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
email  |  576.5106

Elaine Curvin, Executive Assistant to Paul Hogle
email  |  576.5129



Artistic & Operations

Erik Rönmark, General Manager and Artistic Administrator
email  |  576.5166

Artistic Planning

Kathryn Ginsburg, Artistic Manager
email  |  576.5093

Christopher Harrington, Managing Director of Paradise Jazz Series
email  |  576.5126

Jessica Ruiz, Assistant Artistic Administrator
email  |  576.5161

Community Programs

Kareem George, Managing Director of Community Programs
email  |  576.5596

Katherine Curatolo, Artistic & Community Engagement Coordinator
email  |  576.5475

Orchestra Operations

Alice Sauro, Orchestra Manager
email  |  576.5173

Don Killinger, Operations and Production Coordinator
email  |  576.5122

Frank Bonucci, Stage Manager
email  |  576.5176

Stephen Molina, Orchestra Personnel Manager
email  |  576.5174

Heather Hart Rochon, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
email  |  576.5497

Leslie Karr, Executive Assistant to the Music Director
email  |  576.5412




Emily Lamoreaux, Acting Director of Education and General Manager of Civic Youth Ensembles
email  |  576.5164

Sheena Law, Education Outreach Coordinator
email  |  576.5074

David Cook, Civic Youth Ensembles Coordinator
email  |  576.5467



Engagement, Strategy & Digital Media

Scott Harrison, Executive Director of Board Engagement and Strategy; Executive Producer of Digital Media
email  |  576.5124

Board, Patron, and Volunteer Engagement

Lindsey Evert, Patron Engagement and Strategy Manager
email  |  576.5449

Chelsea Kotula, Board and Volunteer Engagement Officer
email  |  576.5496

Digital Media

Eric Woodhams, Director of Digital Media
email  |  576.5072

Sharon Gardner Carr, Assistant Manager of Tessitura and Ticketing Operations
email  |  576.5119

Corinne Wiseman, Digital Marketing Specialist
email  |  576.5195



Finance & Administration

Linda Lutz, Chief Financial Officer
email  |  576.5190

Facility Operations

Larry Ensman, Maintenance Supervisor
email  |  576.5184

Frederico Augustin, Facility Engineer

Martez Duncan, Maintenance Technician

Ryan Ensman, Maintenance Technician

William Guilbault, Maintenance Technician

Crystal King, Maintenance Technician,

Greg Schimizzi, Chief of Security
email  |  576.5199

Melvin Dismukes, Security Officer

Norris Jackson, Security Officer

Ronald Martin, Security Officer

Johnnie Scott, Security Officer


Jeremiah Hess, Senior Director of Accounting & Finance
email  |  576. 5140

Sandra Mazza, Senior Accountant
email  |  576.5192

Roná Simmons, Staff Accountant
email  |  576.5141

Information Technology

Jody Harper, Information Technology Manager
email  |  576.5179



Patron & Institutional Advancement

Reimer Priester, Senior Director of Patron and Institutional Advancement
email  |  576.5474

Advancement Services

Bree Kneisler, Prospect Research and Advancement Services Manager
email  |  576.5198

Will Broner, Patron Acknowledgement and Gift Systems Coordinator
email  |  576.5450

Caitlin Bush, Patron Acknowledgement Specialist
email  |  576.5494

oneDSO Campaign

Jessica Langlois, Campaign Director
email  |  576.5191

Jessica Luther, Campaign Associate
email  |  576.5052

Individual Giving

Cassie Brenske, Governing Members Gift Officer
email  |  576.5460

Juanda Pack, Patron Advancement Officer
email  |  576.5450

Institutional Giving

Stephan Bobalik, Director of Institutional Partnerships
email  |  576.5144



Patron Development & Sales

Nicki Inman, Senior Director of Patron Development and Engagement
email  |  576.5595

Audience Development

Christopher Harrington, Director of Audience Development
email  |  576.5126

Chuck Dyer, Manager of Group and Corporate Sales
email  |  576.5130

Jennifer Kouassi, Front of House Manager
email  |  576.5121

Mallory Schirr, Audience Development Coordinator
email  |  576.5405

Events and Rentals

B.J. Pearson, Senior Manager of Events and Rentals
email  |  576.5065

Holly Clement, Senior Manager of Events and Rentals
email  |  576.5131

Connie Campbell, Manager of Event Sales and Administration
email  |  576.5116

Patron Communications and Public Relations

Gabrielle Poshadlo, Patron Communications and Public Relations Manager
email  |  576.5194

Patron Sales and Service

Anné Renforth, Manager of Patron Sales and Service
email  |  576.5145

Tiiko Reese-Douglas, Patron Development Officer
email  |  576.5113

La Heidra Marshall, Patron Development Officer
email  |  576.5112

Michelle Marshall, Assistant Manager, Patron Sales & Service
email  |  576.5441

Martha Morhardt, Patron Development Assistant
email  |  576.5066

Taryn Sanford, Lead Ticketing Specialist

Catering and Retail Services

Christina Williams, Interim Director of Catering and Retail Services
email  |  576.5128

Michael Polsinelli, Executive Chef
email  |  576.5592

Anna Savone, Food & Beverage and Catering Operations
email  |  576.5490

Nate Richter, Bar Manager