Mix. Mingle. Drink. Listen. All @ The Max.

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ASSEMBLE @ The Max: 
Transit and the Equitable City
feat. Enrique Peñalosa

Wednesday, August 20 @ 6:45 pm

6 PM - Mix. Mingle. Eat. Drink.
6:45 PM - Listen. 

Former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia Enrique Peñalosa brings his conversation about sustainability and mobility in urban areas to Detroit. Enrique’s talk will be followed by a panel discussion featuring local leaders in the transit and mobility conversation. Let’s give Enrique a proper Detroit welcome party! Join us @ The Max for a celebration of our city and a conversation about our future.

About Enrique:

An advocate for sustainability and mobility in the cities of the future, Enrique Peñalosa, mayor of Bogotá, Columbia from 1998 to 2001, is one of the globe’s most respected urban thinkers. Mr. Peñalosa sees urban transportation not as a matter of convenience and economics, but as a matter of justice and equality for every resident. “While mayor, Peñalosa was responsible for numerous radical improvements to the city and its citizens. He promoted a city model giving priority to children and public spaces and restricting private car use, building hundreds of kilometers of sidewalks, bicycle paths, pedestrian streets, greenways, and parks.” – Big Think 

Pay What You Want Ticket Option:

In a bankrupt city, price should never be a barrier to participation in discussions that impact our collective future. Thats why we're letting you pick a price that works for you. Chip in what feels right, and know that your support helps make these event possible. (All tickets are general admission, prices range from $1 - $50).

And Don't Miss...

Mix @ The Max feat. Ben Sollee*

Wednesday, August 27 @ 7 pm

6 PM - Mix. Mingle. Eat. Drink.
7 PM - Listen.
9 PM - Party.

Known for his thrilling cello playing that incorporates new techniques to create a distinctive mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz, and R&B, Ben Sollee possesses rough, smooth, smoky vocal stylings and a knack for intricate arrangements. Joined by percussionist Jordon Ellis, Sollee presents a unique evening of raw live music like you've never experienced.

Arrive early for snacks and specialty drinks in the Atrium before the concert. Then make your way to Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown for the after party.

$49 per person VIP tickets are available, including reserved seating at a table of four patrons and a complimentary drink.

*Please note, the DSO does not appear on this performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is parking available for the event?
The DSO has a parking structure located on Parsons St. between Woodward Ave. and Cass Ave.  Parking is generally available for $7, but does vary for certain premium events.   

What is the dress code?
There is no dress code for a Mix @ The Max concert. Concert attire is typically more casual than an Orchestra Hall concert. “After work” or “Casual chic” would describe the style of the evening. Jeans are welcome.  Formal attire such as tuxedos and evening gowns is not required at DSO concerts. Most people only wear formal clothing to our Gala and other special events.

How long is the concert/entire event?
The concert is usually 90 minutes to two hours long with a 15-20 minute intermission.  Occassionally a concert will run without intermission or feature multiple intermissions.  Om @ The Max typically lasts one hour.  The doors open 1 hour prior to the concert.  Post-concert bars may remain open for additional mingling or there may be an after-party at a nearby location like Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company.  

What networking opportunities will there be?
For the entire hour prior to the concert, the atrium will be filled with people mingling while having a drink or a quick snack.  So grab a cocktail and say hello to someone new! 

What is included in the VIP price vs. the normal ticket price?
The VIP ticket includes preferred table seating for the concert as well as a complimentary drink.

Should I eat dinner before?
You can choose to eat before you arrive, however there will be food available for purchase at the concert.

What food and drinks are available for purchase?
In the lobby prior to the concert, there will be a full bar, craft cocktails, and a grab and go station of some of Chef Mike’s featured favorites.

When do I applaud?
Once the performance begins, you'll notice in your program book that many musical works have multiple movements or sections. While a short pause often follows each movement, it is customary to refrain from applauding during these pauses. After the final movement of a work, the conductor or performer will give a clear sign that the piece has concluded. If all else fails, you can always wait for the rest of the audience to begin clapping.  When you do applaud, do so enthusiastically and let the performers know that Detroit audiences are the best!

What are the upcoming concerts?
Mix @ The Max is a monthly event and the upcoming concerts are listed on this page.  Tickets can be also be purchased using the DSO to Go mobile app.