<September 2014>

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CYE Administration

CYE Artistic Director
Charles Burke

CYE General Manager
Emily Lamoreaux

CYE Ensembles Coordinator
David Cook

CYE Ensembles Coordinator
Colleen Jones

CYE Ensembles Librarian
John Pop

CYE Program Assistants
Cameron Ferguson, Scott Hawkins, Jillian Jackson, Chelsea Washington

CYE Faculty

Charles Burke, Civic Orchestra and Sinfonia
Dr. Ken Thompson, Civic Philharmonic and Civic Wind Ensemble
Tim Cibor, Civic Concert Orchestra
Mark Mutter, Civic String Ensemble Presto
Leslie DeShazor Adams, Civic String Ensemble Allegro
Kris Johnson, Civic Jazz Orchestra
Vincent Chandler, Civic Jazz Band
Carl Cafagna, Civic Jazz Concert Band
Darell Campbell, Civic Creative Jazz Ensemble and Civic Ellington Ensemble
Danny DeRose, Civic String Ensemble Maestoso 

Hai- Xin Wu, Civic Camerata  

Caen Thomason- Redus, Civic Flute Choir


CYE Mentors

Applications will be available in April 2014 for the 2014-15 Mentor positions. 

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Youth Ensembles (CYE) Mentor position is an artist-teacher position within the Civic Youth Ensembles program. Designed for graduate students pursuing careers in music, qualified candidates will demonstrate artistry as a performer as well as a commitment toward musical and character education.

Through performing, rehearsing, and teaching with CYE, as well as performing additional services for the DSO, Mentors will provide an individualized, personalized level of attention to CYE members, supplementing the instruction provided by CYE’s artistic staff. Consistent contact and interaction with students is proven to be an integral component of student learning; the Mentor seeks to provide this sense of stability through presence in rehearsals, master classes, and other instructional scenarios. They act as models in the areas of orchestral etiquette, ensemble playing, and instrumental pedagogy.Dedicated to the growth of each student as a whole, Mentors are available to provide guidance in each student’s professional and personal endeavors.

Mentors also benefit through their interaction with CYE’s artistic staff and musicians of the DSO. By working with our various conductors, Mentors gain valuable insight into the flexibility that is a requirement for being an orchestral musician. Through consistent contact with the musicians of the DSO, Mentors are able to learn more about their craft as they seek employment or advanced studies in music, allowing our organization to play a part in their continued education. In this way, the DSO contributes to the education of the Mentors as well as the students, inviting them into our community and contributing to the education of a new generation of musicians.