<March 2017>


Our Mission: To be a leader in the world of classical music, embracing and inspiring individuals, families, and communities through unsurpassed musical experiences.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra's unique governance structure includes two boards with distinct yet critical purposes. As fiduciaries of the institution, each member of the Board of the Directors is fully engaged in the fiscal oversight, cultural stewardship, strategic thinking, and resource generation of the DSO. The Board of Directors maintains a culture of high engagement and accountability, overseeing all DSO financial activities and assuring that resources are aligned with mission.

The Board of Trustees infuses creativity and innovation into the DSO's offerings and outreach. Trustees engage in task forces and learning labs to develop increase the organization’s entrepreneurial capabilities while implementing and evaluating new approaches in areas including audience development, branding, digital media, education, and beyond.  

Lifetime Members

Samuel Frankel†
David Handleman, Sr.†
Dr. Arthur L. Johnson†
Clyde Wu, M.D.

Chairmen Emeriti

Alfred R. Glancy III
Robert S. Miller
Peter D. Cummings
James B. Nicholson
Stanley Frankel
Phillip Wm. Fisher

Directors Emeriti

Robert A. Allesee
Floy Barthel
Mrs. Mandell L. Berman
John A. Boll, Sr.
Richard A. Brodie
Lois and Avern Cohn
Marianne Endicott
Sidney Forbes
Mrs. Harold Frank
Barbara Frankel
Herman Frankel
Paul Ganson
Mort and Brigitte† Harris
Gloria Heppner, Ph.D.
Ronald M. Horwitz
Hon. Damon J. Keith
Richard P. Kughn
Harold Kulish
Dr. Melvin A. Lester
David R. Nelson
Robert E.L. Perkins, D.D.S.
Marilyn Pincus
Lloyd E. Reuss
Jack A. Robinson†
Marjorie S. Saulson
Alan E. Schwartz
Jean Shapero† 
Jane Sherman
David Usher
Barbara Van Dusen
Arthur A. Weiss, Esq.

Officers of the Board of Directors

Mark A. Davidoff, Chairman
Glenda D. Price, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Anne Parsons, President & CEO
Faye Alexander Nelson, Treasurer
Arthur T. O'Reilly, Secretary
Chacona W. Baugh, Officer at Large
Ralph J. Gerson, Officer at Large
Janice Uhlig, Officer at Large

Board of Directors

Pamela Applebaum
Robert H. Bluestein
Jeremy Epp, Orchestra Representative
James Farber, Governing Members Chair
Samuel Fogleman
Monica Fosnaugh, Orchestra Representative
Herman B. Gray, M.D.
Nicholas Hood, III
Michael J. Keegan
Bonnie Larson
Matthew B. Lester
Arthur C. Liebler
Virginia Lundquist, Volunteer Council President
Xavier Mosquet
Stephen Polk
Bernard I. Robertson
Hon. Gerald E. Rosen
Nancy M. Schlichting
Arn Tellem
Hon. Kurtis T. Wilder
M. Roy Wilson

Board of Trustees

Richard Huttenlocher, Chair

Ismael Ahmed
Rosette Ajluni
Richard Alonzo
Daniel Angelucci
Janet M. Ankers
Suzanne Bluestein
Penny B. Blumenstein
Elizabeth Boone
Gwen Bowlby
Joanne Danto
Stephen R. D'Arcy
Maureen T. D'Avanzo
Karen Davidson
Richard L. DeVore
Afa Sadykhly Dworkin
J. Mikel Ellcessor
Annmarie Erickson
Jennifer Fischer
Aaron Frankel
Robert Gillette
Jody Glancy
Malik Goodwin
Antoinette G. Green
Leslie Green
Laura Hernandez-Romine
Michele Hodges
Sharad P. Jain
Renee Janovsky
Joseph Jonna
David Karp
Joel D. Kellman
James P. Lentini, D.M.A.
Linda Dresner Levy
Joshua Linkner
Florine Mark
Tonya Matthews, Ph.D.
David N. McCammon
Lois A. Miller
Daniel Millward
James C. Mitchell, Jr.
Scott Monty
Joseph Mullany
Sean M. Neall
Tom O'Brien
Maury Okun
William F. Pickard, Ph.D.
Gerrit Reepmeyer
James Ritchie, Orchestra Representative
Richard Robinson
Lois L. Shaevsky
Thomas Shafer
Margaret Shulman
Cathryn Skedel
Ralph Skiano, Orchestra Representative
Shirley R. Stancato
Stephen Strome
Mark Tapper
Laura J. Trudeau
Michael R. Tyson
Gwen Weiner
Jennifer Whitteaker
R. Jamison Williams
Margaret E. Winters
Ellen Hill Zeringue