<March 2015>

Volunteer Council

We strive to fulfill our mission as an active partner of the DSO in fundraising, as well as audience/membership expansion, youth music education and volunteer service.  Because of the repeated financial success of our events such as the Nutcracker Luncheon & Boutique and Musical Feasts, we are proudly able to make significant donations to the DSO each year.


Wondering how you can support the Detroit Symphony Orchestra?  Be a part of some of Detroit’s premier events while supporting one of its premier institutions.  Have fun while contributing your time and talents in supporting live music in metro Detroit.  Join the DSO Volunteer Council!

As a member of the Volunteer Council you have the opportunity to be a part of any (or all!) of the following:

- Musical Feasts
- Musicians’ Rehearsal Luncheon
- Nutcracker Luncheon & Boutique
- Education and Outreach
- Shop @ The Max
- Special Projects and Events
- Volunteer Council Office Staffing
- DSO and DSOVC Office Support

Your Membership includes:
- subscription to VC newsletter Council Notes
- invitations to special events
- volunteer opportunities
- the satisfaction of knowing that you impact every aspect of the DSO’s musical     presentations!

JOIN this passionate and energetic group of volunteers!  Download our application form, complete, and send with your check or payment information for your Individual $40, Family $50, or Patron $100 (or more!)membership to DSO Volunteer Council, 3711 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201.


Stay up to date and download the current issue of Council Notes, our quarterly Volunteer Council newsletter: Council Notes, Winter 2015


Each year the Volunteer Council presents the Volunteer of the Year award, based on outstanding service.  At the Annual Meeting in June, 2014, four volunteers received the award: Rukayya Ahsan-McTier, Kelly Hayes, Sandie Knollenberg, and Charlotte Worthen.

The Alice Berberian Haidostian award recognizes dedicated and consistent volunteer service over a long period of time.  In June 2014, Janet M. Ankers was honored with this award.

Upcoming Events

For information about any of these events, contact the Volunteer Council Office at 313-576-5154 or volunteercouncil@dso.org.

2015 Musical Feasts

Please join us as we celebrate the 28th season of Musical Feasts! Please click here to browse schedule and menus (PDF).



2013-15 Volunteer Council

Executive Committee

Deborah Savoie, President
Ginny Lundquist, President-Elect and Executive Vice President
Debra Partrich, Chief Financial Officer
Julie Zussman, Recording Secretary
Esther Lyons, V.P. for Administrative/Office Services
Ellie Tholen, V.P. for Communication/Public Relations
Lori Knollenberg, Acting V.P. for Membership
E. Jane Talia, V.P. for Neighborhood/Residency Ambassador
Karla Sherry, V.P. for Special Events
Marlene Bihlmeyer, V.P. for Youth Music Education

Board of Directors

Mary Beattie
Gwen Bowlby
Gina Rene Bryant
Drew Esslinger
Laura Fogleman
Sandie Knollenberg
Susan Manser
Magda Moss
Dolores Reese
Charlotte Worthen

Coco Siewert, Parliamentarian

Volunteer Council Liaison

Lindsey Evert

Orchestra Liaisons

Mark Abbott
Dave Everson

Past Presidents

Janet M. Ankers, 2010-13
Kelly Hayes, 2008-10
Debra Partrich, 2006-08
Gloria Nycek, 2004-06
Maureen T. D'Avanzo, 2002-04
Barbara Diles, 2000-02
Lucy T. Debol, 1998-00
Diane Hoeft Varisto, 1996-98
Annette Balian, 1994-96
Marjorie S. Saulson, 1992-94
Mado O. Lie, 1989-92
Marianne Endicott, 1988-89


Mr. & Mrs. Mark Abbott
Ms. Claire Abrams
Mr. & Mrs. James C. McTier
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allesee
Dr. Barbara J. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Ankers
Mr. David Assemany & Jeffery Zook
Mrs. E. David Auer
Dr. & Mrs. Ahmad Azar
Mrs. Erika Baer
Ms. Kate Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Baker
Mr. & Mrs. N.T. Barnes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Barthel
Ms. Cynthia Bass
Ms. Ann Bauer
Mrs. Doris R. Bauer
Mrs. Mary Beattie
Ms. Marilyn Bedell
Ms. Virginia Berberian
Mrs. Marlene Bihlmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. George Bletsas
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Boll, Sr.
Mrs. Paul Borman
Ms. Jeanne Boucher
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bourget
Mr. Robert Bovitz
Mr. Richard J. Bowers, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowlby
Ms. Susan B. Boynton
Mrs. Thomas C. Bright, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bromberg
Ms. Gina Rene Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Butler
Ms. Evelyn Cairns
Mrs. Debbie Canvasser
Mrs. Samuel L. Carman
Mr. & Mrs. Francois Castaing
Ms. Toya J. Chandler
Mrs. Edward Cherney
Ms. Mary Christner
Hon. & Mrs. Gus Cifelli
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Clark
Ms. Patricia Cosgrove
Ms. Joy T. Crawford
Mr. Marvin D. Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Cullis
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry P. D'Avanzo
Ms. Mary Dakin
Mrs. Irene Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony De Luca
Ms.  Mary M. DeBaisio
Mr. & Mrs. Terry DeFauw
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Dickelman, Jr.
Ms. Barbara J. Diles
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dissett
Ms. Blondell Doughty
Ms. Joann Doyle
Mrs. Janet Drabecki
Ms. Peggy Dufault
Mrs. Olga F. Dworkin
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Dyer
Mrs. Diane Ekizian
Mrs. Joan E. Emerick and Peter Saldana
Mrs. Marianne Endicott
Ms. Lillian Erdeljan
Mr. Drew Esslinger
Mr. Dave Everson
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Everson
Ms. Lindsey Evert
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ewing
Ms. Marla Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Fildew
Mrs. Barbara A. Finn
Ms. Barbara Fisher
Ms. Laura Fogleman
Ms. Susan Forbes Dicker
Ms. Kimberly K. Fortin
Mrs. Barbara Frankel
Ms. Barbara J. Gates
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gehrke
Dr. Pamela Geppert and Peter Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kerzic
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy III
Ms. Linda Goodman
Ms. Kathryn Grabowski
Mr. Jeffrey Groehn
Mr. Kristopher Gutowski
Mrs. Berj  H. Haidostian
Ms. Joanne Hajman
Ms. Janet K. Hall
Ms. Carole Hammond
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanzl
Mr. & Mrs. Preston B. Happel
Mr. & Mrs. Waller Harris
Ms. Cheryl A. Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Hawes
Ms. Katherine Hayes
Ms. Kat Haynes
Ms. Janet Henke
Dr. Gloria Heppner
Mrs. Doreen Hermelin
Mr. Paul Hogle
Mrs. Kaye M. Hohlfeldt
Mrs. Phyllis Howard
Mr. Andrew Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Huntington
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Ignasiak
Ms. Doris A. Jackson
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jampel
Mrs. Corlyss Jenkins
Ms. Ms. Charlotte Grace Jones
Ms. Jill Jordan
Ms. Innis Joswick-Dubrinsky
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Kanter
Mr. & Mrs. Vahan Kapagian
Ms. Margo Karmann
Ms. Sandra O. Kent
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Keramedjian
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Kessler
Ms. Stephanie Keywell
Ms. Mildred F. Knapp
Ms. Lori Knollenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Knollenberg
Ms. Paulette Koffron
Ms. Brigitte Krawiec
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Landay
Mrs. David R. Lawson
Mr. Max Lepler and Rex L. Dotson
Mr. & Mrs. Al LeVeque
Mrs. Carol J. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Kim Lie
Ms. Jan Lodge
Ms. Deborah Szobel Logan
Ms. Maggie Loupee
Ms. Susan J. Lundal
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lundquist
Ms. Denise Lutz
Mr. Eric B. Lynn
Ms. Esther M. Lyons
Ms. Sandra MacLeod
Ms. Mary MacNee
Ms. Susan Manser
Ms. Chandra Mardsen
Mr. Mark Florine
Ms. Carol Marti
Ms. Penny Masouris
Ms. Elizabeth Maysa
Ms. Deborah Meade
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Meer
Mrs. Eva J. Meharry
Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Meier
Mrs. Thomas F. Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mills
Mrs. Emma Minasian
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moers
Ms. Mary Jane Molesky
Ms. Demetra Monolidis
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Moon
Mrs. Charles Moon
Ms. Magda Moss
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Nicholson
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nickol
Ms. Susan D. Nine
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Nowakowski
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Nycek
Ms. Cynthia Ohanian
Mr. Ed Oliver
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pulte
Ms. Martha Ann Ottolini
Ms. Rohan Panah
Mrs. Judith Pardonnet
Ms. Anne Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Partrich
Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Pfahlert
Ms. Jacqueline Piceu
Ms. Charlotte W. Podowski
Mrs. Constantin Predeteanu
Mrs. Barbara Prince
Mr. & Mrs. George P. Psihas
Mrs. George Putinta
Mr. & Mrs. Jon D. Reed
Ms. Dolores A. Reese
Ms. Louise L. Reza
Ms. Nancy E. Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rickard
Mrs. Bernina Rish
Mr. Frank P. Ritchie
Ms. Barbara A. Roden
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Rosenfeld
Ms. Nancy L. Rost
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Rothgery
Ms. Cindi Rottermond
Ms. Ann Marie Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Rutherford
Ms. Queenie Sarkisian
Mrs. Patricia M. Saulnier
Mr. & Mrs. Saul Saulson
Mrs. Deborah Savoie
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schreiber
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schwartz
Mrs. Ray A. Shapero
Ms. Karla Sherry
Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Shoushanian
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Siewert
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Skruch
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Smutek
Mrs. Ernest P. Spear
Ms. Renee St. Clair
Ms. Beatriz Budinszky Staples
Dr. Gregory E. Stephens
Ms. Patricia Stratton-Dennis
Mrs. George Strumbos
Dr. Nora Sugintas
Ms. Olga Sutaruk Meyer
Ms. Angela Szvercsak
Mr. & Mrs. Makran Talia
Mr & Mrs Christopher Tennyson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tholen
Ms. Jamie Ann Thomas
Mrs. Diane M. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Tundo
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ulrich
Mr. Gary Umstead
Mrs. Richard C. Van Dusen
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vandewater
Ms. Toula Connie Vlahakis
Mr. & Mrs. George Volis
Mrs. Gerrit Vreeken
Mrs. Carole C. Walker
Ms. Varsnie Walsh
Ms. Cynthia Wilbanks
Ms. Mary Grace Wilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Williams
Ms. Ava M. Wixted
Ms. Charlotte Worthen
Ms. Gail M. Zabowski
Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Zachary
Mrs. A. Sylvia Zannis
Mr. Michael Ziecik
Ms. Jan Zikakis
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Zussman
Mr. Milton Y. Zussman
Mrs. Lois Zussman