<August 2016>


To reach a member of our administrative staff consult the email and phone directory below.  Please note that all numbers begin with area code '313.'

For assistance in the following areas, please call: 

Ticketing and customer service  |  313.576.5111

Donations and contributions  |  313.576.5114

Event Rentals  |  313.576.5065

Main Switchboard  |  313.576.5100

Security or Lost & Found  |  313.576.5199


Executive Office

Anne Parsons, President and CEO
James B. and Ann V. Nicholson Chair
email  |  576.5106

Linda Lutz, Chief Financial Officer
email  |  576.5190

Joy Crawford, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
email  |  576.5106

Elaine Curvin, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President
email  |  576.5129

Caitlin Bush, Advancement Relations Associate
email  |  576.5494

Office of the General Manager

Erik Rönmark, General Manager and Artistic Administrator
email  |  576.5166

Artistic Planning

Jessica Ruiz, Manager of Artistic Planning
email  |  576.5161

Christopher Harrington, Managing Director of Paradise Jazz Series
email  |  576.5126

Katherine Curatolo, Artistic Coordinator
email  |  576.5475

Clare Valenti, Popular & Special Programming Coordinator
email  |  576.5163

Community and Learning

Caen Thomason-Redus, Director of Community and Learning
email  |   576.5596

Leah Celebi, Manager of Education
email  |   576.5598

Laura Duda, Manager of Community Engagement
email  |   576.5599

Nelson Rodriguez Parada, General Manager of Training Ensembles
email  |  576.5164

Nathaniel Bean, Education Coordinator
email  |  576.5167

Orchestra Operations

Kathryn Ginsburg, Director of Operations
email  |  576.5093

Heather Hart Rochon, Orchestra Personnel Manager
email  |  576.5497

Dennis Rottell, Stage Manager
email  |  576.5176

Leslie Karr, Executive Assistant to the Music Director
email  |  576.5412

Patrick Peterson, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
email  |  576.5498

Advancement & External Relations

Advancement Services

Bree Kneisler, Advancement Services and Prospect Research Manager
email  |  576.5198

Will Broner, Advancement Services Coordinator
email  |  576.5118

Richard Kryszko, Advancement Services Coordinator
email  |  576.5123


Michelle Koning, Web and Mobile Content Manager
email  |  576.5136

Teresa Alden, Digital Communications Coordinator
email  |  576.5195

Ben Breuninger, Public Relations Coordinator
email  |  576.5196

Individual Giving

Cassie Brenske, Director of Advancement for Individual Giving
email  |  576.5460

Dan Coleman, Governing Members Gift Officer and Assistant Director of Planned Giving
email  |  576.5451

Morgan Graby, Governing Members and Volunteer Relations Officer
email  |  576.5452

Melissa Mateling, Advancement Events and Stewardship Officer
email  |  576.5449

Juanda Pack, Advancement Benefits Coordinator
email  |  576.5450

Institutional Giving

Danielle Manley, Director of Advancement for Institutional Giving
email | 576.5115 

Chelsea Kotula, Manager of Sponsor Benefits and Relations
email | 576.5496 

Marah Casey, Advancement Officer
email | 576.5142 

Jacqueline Garner, Advancement Assistant
email | 576.5120

oneDSO Campaign

Julie Byczynski, oneDSO Campaign Director
email  |  576.5191

Facility Operations

Dan Saunders, Director of Facilities Management
email  |  576.5189

Larry Ensman, Maintenance Supervisor
email  |  576.5184

Frederico Augustin, Facility Engineer

Matt Deneka, Maintenance Technician

Martez Duncan, Maintenance Technician

William Guilbault, Maintenance Technician

Crystal King, Maintenance Technician

Daniel Speights, Maintenance Technician

Greg Schimizzi, Chief of Security
email  |  576.5199

Melvin Dismukes, Security Officer

Norris Jackson, Security Officer

Ronald Martin, Security Officer

Johnnie Scott, Security Officer


Jeremiah Hess, Senior Director of Accounting & Finance
email  |  576. 5140

Sandra Mazza, Senior Accountant
email  |  576.5192

Dawn Kronell, Senior Accountant
email  |  576.5141

Karen McCombs, Accounting Specialist
email  |  576.5197

Lolita Isaac, Payroll and Benefits Accountant
email  |  576.5193

Information Technology

Jody Harper, Director of Information Technology
email  |  576.5179

Ra'Jon Taylor, Help Desk Administrator
email  |  576.5180

Human Resources

Denise Ousley, Human Resources Director
email  |  576.5420

Patron Development & Engagement

Nicki Inman, Senior Director of Patron Development and Engagement
email  |  576.5595

Audience Development

Michael Frisco, Director of Audience Development
email  |  576.5127

Margaret Cassetto, Front of House Manager
email  |  576.5121

DeRon Wilson, Group Sales Manager
email  |  576.5130

Sharon Gardner Carr, Assistant Manager of Tessitura and Ticketing Operations
email  |  576.5119

Annick Busch, Patron Loyalty Coordinator
email  |  576.5113

Steven Fronrath, Audience Development Coordinator
email  |  576.5405

LaHeidra Marshall, Audience Development Associate
email  |  576.5112

Catering and Retail Services

Christina Williams, Director of Catering and Retail Services
email  |  576.5128

Kyle Hanley, Executive Chef

Nate Richter, Bar Manager

Kelsey Karl, Retail Manager
email  |  576.4014

Events and Rentals

Holly Clement, Senior Manager of Events and Rentals
email  |  576.5131

Connie Campbell, Manager of Event Sales and Administration
email  |  576.5116

Ashley Powers, Event Sales Representative
email  |  576.5065

Patron Sales and Service

Molly Fidler, Manager, Patron Sales & Service
email  |  576.5145

Michelle Marshall, Assistant Manager, Patron Sales & Service
email  |  576.5441

Taryn Sanford, Lead Ticketing Specialist

Natalie Boettcher, Lead Ticketing Specialist